Monday, March 2, 2020

240Sweet From The Profit is Closed - Update on The Owners

240Sweet in Columbus, Indiana which appeared on season 3 of The Profit is closed.  240Sweet was one of the most controversial episodes of The Profit with Marcus Lemonis walking out on the deal after already investing money.

240Sweet stopped producing marshmallows in September 2018 when co-owners Alexa Lemley and Sam Aulick created a new company that has a line of sugar-free, low-carb and gluten-free dishes.  Their business is called KetoLuxe and here is Alexa's description from their website about the business and how it came about.  They decided to change their business and lifestyle after a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis for Sam.  After adopting the Ketoluxe way of eating, they are down over 100 pounds.  KetoLuxe offers products on their website and some products on Amazon.  Here is the KetoLuxe Facebook page if you are interested.

Alexa and Sam decided to change the name of KetoLuxe to Low Carb Revolution and they have a Kickstarter campaign active in which they have raised almost $16,000 to date and it is 100% funded.  They plan to expand their frozen food distribution with this money.  Here is the Low Carb Revolution website and Facebook page.  Besides products, Chef Alexa also offers coaching programs that range from $800 to $1,500.

In addition to this business, Alexa and Sam also have a catering business called Artisan Foodworks (website).  They have negative reviews on Yelp, but some of them are from fans from The Profit.

Here is a link to the update from this site that has what transpired for 240Sweet after the episode aired.  Marcus Lemonis and The Profit are airing an Inside Look at 240Sweet on March 3rd, 2020, so if any interesting information is revealed, I will update that post.

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