Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Profit's Marcus Lemonis Got Married

Photo - Instagram
The Profit's Marcus Lemonis got married this past weekend on Saturday, February 17th at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.  He married Bobbi Raffel who owned a fashion business named Runway which Marcus Lemonis bought a few years ago.  Marcus was teasing the wedding on social media, first posting a picture of empty chairs at a wedding, then wedding flowers, and then wedding rings all with the caption "Almost."  Finally he shared a picture (pictured right) of himself and his new wife Bobbi with the caption "Almost is now forever!"

Bobbi has updated her social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) with her new name of Bobbi Lemonis.  Her Facebook page also pokes a little fun at Marcus's famous quote of being 100% in charge.  She has a quote saying, "I’m really 100 Percent in charge!!"

This is Marcus Lemonis's 2nd marriage and Bobbi is a bit older than Marcus.  Marcus is 44 years old while Bobbi has a son who celebrated his 40th birthday in May 2017 (Link).

Congrats to Marcus!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Profit - Southern Culture Artisan Foods Update

Tonight on The Profit, Marcus Lemonis is in Atlanta, Georgia hoping to make a deal with Southern Culture Artisan Foods.  Southern Culture Artisan Foods is a packaged foods business known for its flavorful food mixes and for using non-GMO ingredients.  The owner Erica Barrett has issues running the business and supposedly has close to $500,000 in debt.  The debt has caused problems both in her business and with her family.

Let's take a look at some information related to Southern Culture Artisan Foods as well as what kind of deal was made on the show.