Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Profit - Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Update

Tonight on The Profit, Marcus Lemonis is in Colorado Springs, Colorado with hopes of making a deal with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. is a manufacturer of tiny homes owned by Steve and Bernadette Weissman that is struggling with multiple things such as a lack of leadership.  Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. has over $1,000,000 in debt and is on the verge of having to file for bankruptcy.

Let's take a look at some information related to Tumbleweed Tiny House Company as well as what kind of deal was made on the show.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Profit Returns For Season Five November 21st

Here is just a reminder that new episodes of The Profit will return to CNBC on November 21st at 10pm ET/PT.  This will be the fifth season of The Profit and the season will be 10 episodes long.  There will be some update episodes and Marcus Lemonis will also visit seven new businesses, which include:
  • Detroit Denim – Detroit, MI
  • Faded Royalty – New York, NY
  • JD Custom Design – Fullerton, CA
  • Monica Potter Home – Cleveland, OH & Garrettsville, OH
  • Mr Cory's Cookies – Englewood, NJ
  • Southern Culture – Atlanta, GA
  • Tumbleweed Tiny House – Colorado Springs, CO

A press release from CNBC about this season is below and there is also a video preview in this post.  As always, come to The Profit Updates to get updates on all of the businesses that appear on the The Profit.