Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Partner - New Show on CNBC Where Winner Becomes a Partner of Marcus Lemonis

Photo - CNBC
For the past few days on social media, Marcus Lemonis has been teasing an announcement regarding a new show called The Partner.

Marcus just did a live announcement regarding The Partner on his Facebook Page (Direct Link to video is here).  He stated the show is an opportunity for everyone around the country to apply for the chance to be a partner in every business that has appeared on CNBC's The Profit as well as some other ones.  The prize will be for a 3-year employment contract for $150,000 per year and 1% of the total equity of Marcus Lemonis LLC.  People need to submit video applications and Marcus will select 6 to 8 people to go through a six-week program.  At the end of that, Marcus will select someone to be his partner.  The show is scheduled to air during the summer and new episodes of The Profit will continue in the fall.

It seems like a show that is similar to NBC's The Apprentice where people would compete for a 1-year $250,000 contract to run one of Donald Trump's companies.

I will update this post with more information such as the press release and how to apply once it becomes available.

UPDATE - Here is a link to the press release announcing the show.

UPDATE 2 - The information regarding casting can be found at

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