Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Profit - Betty's Pie Whole Update

When the deal fell through for Da Lobsta on the latest episode of The Profit, Marcus Lemonis was in Encinitas, California with hopes of making a deal with Betty's Pie Whole.  There are two locations of the business, and they are not bringing in a profit for the owner Betty.  Also, it seems that Betty doesn't know her business and doesn't even have recipes written down.

Let's take a look at some information related to Betty's Pie Whole as well as what kind of deal was made on the show.

News and Links Related To The Company:
  • Here is the Betty's Pie Whole website.
  • Here is the Betty's Pie Whole Facebook page.
  • Here are the Yelp reviews of Betty's Pie Whole, which are pretty positive and have a 4.5 star average (out of 5).
  • Here is the Elizabethan Desserts website, which has a message that they have stopped making custom cakes or cupcakes.  The store is listed as closed on Yelp.  Here is the Facebook Page for Elizabethan Desserts where people are wondering what is going on with the business.

The Deal From The Episode Plus Post-Show Updates (this will be updated continually):
  • The Deal -  $75,000 for 25% of the business that will go towards working capital and to fix the process in the kitchen.
  • As stated above, the 2nd location of Betty's business called Elizabethan Desserts seems to still be closed.
UPDATE - Elizabethan Desserts opened back up in February 2016.
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